Ever paid someone to do something only to find out the job was done poorly and you could have done it better yourself?

Following this experience many boat owners complete future work themselves in the hope of avoiding disappointment. Unfortunately this often leads to people being faced with many other unforeseen problems.

 Simple tasks become more time consuming due to cost cutting during the manufacturing process. Often its the installation accessories that are the first items removed to keep products at a competitive price

We're taking out the guesswork


With a goal of helping boat owners spend more time enjoying their boats, APR marine founder Pete Kelly knew he would need to expand his already successful Illawarra-based boating business.
But how do I reach more people? And how do I make it easy for them?

The answer………


A store dedicated to providing an all-in-one solution for DIY boat owners around Australia.
The staff at Marine Freak really do understand your frustrations and appreciate your time is precious, that’s why all products sold by MARINE FREAK are available to be purchased both standalone or in kit form.
Kits often include fasteners, extra consumables or other required components to suit your application, making your life easier. This gives you the best possible chance of a smooth hassle-free installation, which not only reduces stress but gives you more time to do the things you love!
Employee Marine Freak

Mel Blazic

Sales and Administration

 Mother of 2, Melinda Blazic is definitely one focused individual. Co-founder of Blazelly Childcare and former Retail Manager, Melinda thrives off being organised. Melinda loves the way her team pulls together to help their customers in their times of need. “It’s a great feeling knowing we are helping families spend time together on the weekends.”

Founder of marine freak

Peter Kelly


An Advanced Electrical Fitter Mechanic by trade, Pete’s high quality work and attention to detail is well-known. Founder of APR Marine and Marine Freak, Pete is a passionate boatie and a keen, but unfortunately only average angler, Pete’s primary interest has always been the welfare of the customers. He’s proud to say “the Marine Freak business is 100% focused around making life simpler for the DIY boatie.” 

Employee Marine Freak

Bill Vlado

Research and development

With over 40 years boating and fishing experience, Bill is well suited to his role. While many would be looking to retire, Bill is looking for the next great product for the DIY boating enthusiast. Bill loves to tinker and is truly one of Australia’s busiest DIY boaties.

Make us YOUR go-to, and let us guide you in your next boating project!

Proudly supporting Aussie Boaties for more than a decade.
Giving you the satisfaction of doing things yourself, while removing stress and allowing you to regain your free time.

So... what are you waiting for?

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